Versaline Clotheslines was established in 2004 by an Engineer with over 35 years experience in Toolmaking, Manufacturing, Product Design and Development, and General Engineering. Versaline products are manufactured in Australia using local suppliers. Barry and Stephanie de Boer initially came up with the concept of a more versatile range of indoor and outdoor clotheslines from a personal experience when they moved into a smaller home, and were surprised at how limited the clothesline market was in regard to versatility. With Barry's background, he soon got to work on a clothesline solution by developing a versatile clothesline that could be made any length so they could maximize the limited space they had. Stephanie's criterion was that she wanted a discrete clothesline, as it was to be installed in an entertaining area. Barry went one better by making it able to disappear.

Versaline Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack

Price: £110.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PTVP-UK -

The Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack is a great laundry accessory to hang shirts and garments straight from the wash onto a clothes hanger. This method often saves on ironing after the washing has dried. This pulley operated airer takes advantage of convection to dry washing because, as the warmer air rises, it collect moisture as the air filters through the washing and then sinks as the air cools. This continuous motion of air presents a very natural and efficient way to dry laundry.The ceiling...

Versaline Portable Folding Washing Lines

Price: £179.99-£209.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PTVH-160-UK -

The Portable Folding Washing Lines are non-fixed washing lines ideal for compact living or renters and can also be handy as an extra line for anywhere around the home. It can be hooked over the railing or wall of a balcony and offers 11 or 14 meters of drying space. Both the small and the Large options will accommodate sheets and can be shortened to fit limited spaces. It's very sturdy and stable and will not tip over or move with the slightest breeze.This portable washing line is made from...

Versaline Disappearing Folding Washing Lines

Price: £229.99-£339.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PTV4-UK -

The Disappearing Folding Washing Lines provide your choice of 20 meters of drying space with the Slimline or 30 meters of drying space with the Broadline and can be wall or post mounted, customized to fit any space or span up to 5 meters in length, can fold down against the wall, or be easily removed to disappear from sight and compactly stored away. The Extended size can be customized to fit any space up to 7.5 meters in length as it has a center arm which does not need to be evenly spaced...

Clothesline Bottom Line

Did you know that clotheslines originated in Australia? Thanks to the folks from Down Under, we have an easy, eco-friendly way to save time and money. knows that budgets are tighter than ever, so every purchase counts. Our high quality products help families, individuals, and small businesses save time and money all with a zero carbon footprint on our precious ecosystem.

Hang drying clothes on a clothesline eliminates noisy machines, shrinking of clothes, and gives your clothes the most refreshing and gentle care. It's truly eco-friendly efficiency at it's best!

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