Libelle Universal Folding Clothes Drying Rack

  • Libelle Universal Folding Clothes Drying Rack - 298-UK
  • Libelle Universal Folding Clothes Drying Rack - 298-UK
  • Provides 20 meters of drying space
  • Adjustable height for easy hanging
  • Folds compact for easy storing


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The Libelle Universal Folding Clothes Drying Rack is easy to store with it's compact design that folds up into a very small space, reassembling a projector screen when put away. Adjustable height lets you hang sheets and bedspreads! You can raise its height up to 175 cm., which makes it handy for drying large items like sheets and bedspreads.

The Libelle is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and its plastic-coated polyester rods hold up to a full load of laundry. Designed to be lightweight making it easy to move around. The lines are fully protected when in the folded position ensuring your lines stay clean from dust & dirt. The drying surface can be inclined and tilted up to provide greater flexibility options.

The Xtra-Large size features a foldable floor-base.

~~~ SWISS MADE ~~~

Material: Aluminum | High-impact plastic end pieces | Extra-strong lines made from plastic coated polyester

Capacity: 20 m. drying space

Length: 150 cm. | 165 cm. (XL)

Width: 75 cm.

Height: 110-175 cm. (Adjustable)

Weight: 7.1 kg.

Brand: Stewi

Origin: Switzerland

This product is fully guaranteed and covered by a 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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